The Monarch Monitoring Project is a long-term study on monarch migration through Cape May, NJ. It is a part of the New Jersey Audubon Research Department, and closely affiliated with the Cape May Bird Observatory.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thanks to Rebecca & Tori.

It's the last week of the official 2011 season for the Cape May Monarch Monitoring Project, and there are still some monarchs lingering in the local gardens and flying along the dunes. We do want to take a moment to thank the two members of our seasonal staff before they head out for their next adventures. Rebecca Allmond (above) and Tori Pocius (below) have been great workers and wonderful ambassadors for our traveling butterfly friends.

We hope that both will join the ranks of MMP alums who regularly migrate back to Cape May to enjoy another monarch migration spectacle! It's even okay with us if you want to come and enjoy those other winged migrants that are sometimes seen around these parts. Once Cape May gets into your blood, it's there forever. But I probably don't need to tell you that if you follow this blog.

Mark Garland,
MMP Communications Director

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