The Monarch Monitoring Project is a long-term study on monarch migration through Cape May, NJ. It is a part of the New Jersey Audubon Research Department, and closely affiliated with the Cape May Bird Observatory.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Monarch Numbers Yesterday

Feeding frenzy on Joe-Pye Weed (Eutrochium)

Hello! Monarchs were here in massive numbers yesterday. Up at the Hawk Watch, they were counting thousands of monarchs as the flew along the dunes and joined the enormous number of dragon flies hovering over the land. The Monarchs were so dense in the gardens that plucking them off plants with bare hands was your safest bet, or else your net would trigger a mini tornado of orange. Thank you to my friends at the Hawk Watch used their days off to help me tag Monarchs! Numbers of Monarchs were certainly down by the mid-afternoon; the wind moved from the north to the south as well so today might not be quite as spectacular as yesterday. But it will still be a great day to look for them, as well as all the other butterfly species that are thriving in the Northeast this year! Also check out the Cape May State Park to search for possible Monarch roost formations.

More photo highlights from yesterday:
Monarchs going wild on some near-dead plant, which may have retained some water from the morning's watering

Red Admiral doing its best to blend in with tree bark

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