The Monarch Monitoring Project is a long-term study on monarch migration through Cape May, NJ. It is a part of the New Jersey Audubon Research Department, and closely affiliated with the Cape May Bird Observatory.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monarchs still plentiful

Hundreds of visitor to Cape May Point delighted in big numbers of monarchs over the weekend, with nearly 300 attending our three tagging demos.  Gentle winds, mostly from the northwest, have kept bringing monarchs into Cape May and also giving them good conditions for continuing on Delaware, the next stop on their journey to Mexico.

Sunday was a bit warmer than Saturday, so we didn't see as many monarchs roosting in the conifer areas along Lincoln Ave., but we found a number of smaller roosts all around the point, many in deciduous trees or on vines, such as the ones below.  The next few days are supposed to be warmer, and we're guessing that there will be more monarchs departing than arriving.  Don't be deterred from visiting Cape May Point, however, as they will surely be good numbers of monarchs around all through the coming week.

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